Dollar Shave Club

Dollar Shave Club (DSC) first disrupted the shaving industry in 2011 by delivering “F*cking Great Blades” at an awesome price, right to members doors. Since then, this DTC subscription OG has expanded their catalog with grooming products that cover members from hair to toe. We supported the transition from a highly customized tech stack to a Shopify Plus-centric one in collaboration with Dollar Shave Club, and key app partner implementation teams. Through iamota’s design, Dollar Shave Club was able to shed legacy user experience debt, simplify, and optimize the experience for prospective customers, members and Dollar Shave Club’s internal operational team.


  • Shopify Plus


  • Health & Wellness


  • Subscription
  • Online Store 2.0
  • Custom Theme Development
  • Highly Flexible CMS
  • Multi-Country
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Reducing debt and TCO

The main drivers of the DSC migration to Shopify Plus were to address technical and user experience debt accumulated over the years and reduce total cost of ownership (TCO).

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Simple Business Model, but a Complex Migration

DSC’s subscription-based business model posed lots of complexities. The scale and size of DSC’s business, including large volumes of data, legacy products, shipping rules, grandfather pricing, lapsed members, payment tokens, and more – required meticulous planning and execution across multiple interdependent work streams involving teams from iamota, Shopify Plus, DSC, and Ordergroove.

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Simplifying a Legacy System

Transitioning from a legacy custom ecommerce site required a full teardown of the current state. This involved identifying unique flows, user scenarios and stories, subscription management, rules, rewards, bundles, product catalog structures, discounts and more. Throughout the process, we actively questioned the reasons behind certain existing elements to simplify processes where possible and solve for challenges natively and seamlessly within and across Shopify Plus, Ordergroove, Klaviyo, Gorgias and other best-in-class apps.

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Implications beyond the Ecommerce Site

Thinking of and understanding the broader implications beyond the ecommerce site was critical. This included identifying the knock-on effects and change management requirements for various business operations such as fulfillment, customer service, inventory management, and finance. By considering these factors, we ensured a holistic approach and proactively addressed potential bottleneck areas.