In the midst of COVID, eevee’s was born with an ethos of “for riders by riders”. With this  authenticity and active social community, it has since grown into the most influential retail brand in the Personal Electric Vehicle (PEV) space in North America. The company specializes in selling and servicing industry leading PEV products that are carefully curated and tested by its founders. 


eevee’s swiftly outgrew its initial physical space and Shopify Plus website. There arose a need for a new Shopify Plus site that could cater to the evolving needs of both new and loyal users while ensuring easy operations and administration.


  • Shopify Plus


  • Sports & Equipment


  • Rebrand
  • Online Store 2.0
  • Custom Theme Development
  • Highly Flexible CMS
  • Multi-Country
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Guide first, then sell

In a rapidly growing category filled with options and complex jargon, finding the right product can be overwhelming, especially for newcomers. We sought to provide guidance and make the category less intimidating. We organized product collections based on specific needs, used user-friendly language for filtering and tagging (ex. “Most Reliable” “”Dependable Commuter” “Bradley’s Pick”). 

We surfaced product alternatives, comparisons and buying guides in an effort to help users get up to speed and be informed. To help bring some of the in-store experience online we incorporated personalized guidance through live chat support and interactive recommendation tools.

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Approachable and detail-oriented PDPs

The PDPs called out high-level product stats and areas of interest for customers, such as top speed, power, and battery life – and included supporting tooltips to explain technical terminology to those newer to the space. Super detailed product specs delving into various aspects of the product, provided customers with even more information.  

A “Not Your Vibe” section was created to playfully show curated product alternatives. And critically the PDPs feature a “See it in Action” video within the product image gallery which shows the PEV in action and brings the experience to life. These videos were all custom created for the site.

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