Through personalized facials and a curated range of natural plant based products, skoah brings uniquely customized skin care training to communities across North America. With a legacy site run across WordPress, Shopify and a separate booking platform, the personal touch that skoah’s customers value, was not being provided to their digital audience.


  • Shopify Plus


  • Beauty & Skincare


  • Replatform & Redesign
  • Multi-Country
  • Complex Catalog Strategy
  • Ongoing Enhancements
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The skoah experience

In the previous site, the key friction area was that buying skoah products, memberships and services were treated all differently – housed on different platforms. Further, related blog content and locations pages, while part of the experience, were not as integrated as they could be – limiting personalization.

With the new site, our primary focus was to allow users to easily book facials (services) and buy products. We improved the user experience by consolidating services and products and also moving supporting content – all to live in Shopify Plus. By doing so, we were able to create a more intuitive and cohesive shopping experience – allowing skoah to seamlessly create and cross-merchandise product and service collections around user needs.

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Roadmap to healthy skin

We began our process by asking the question: How might we better translate the in-store skoah experience to the digital space? Our research, (luckily for the team) involved getting a skoah facial; using skoah product; interviewing their knowledgeable skincare trainers; as well as pouring over sales and website data. We found personalization was key, with each treatment being highly bespoke to customers’ skin, routine and preferences.

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Getting the most out of Shopify Plus

To revamp the skoah Shopify Plus sites (US and Canadian stores), we prototyped numerous themes and apps before selecting the best combinations based on user experience, technical criteria, risk assessment and admin needs. To ensure that the site both visually and functionally provided a personalized experience, we set about adding in highly customized improvements.

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Art direction and photography

From mood boards through to art direction at the photographer’s studio, we helped to create a custom set of lifestyle imagery for the new site that provide both beauty and utility for the user. To bring the in-store experience to life, we identified key moments in each facial to be captured. While product photography was shot in natural light and focused on real application providing a visual ‘how to use’. Close up photography was created for ingredients to help tell the story of quality behind skoah products.

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